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Motivation Speech for NCC Cadets
On 21st June 2024, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) of Sree Narayana College, Alathur, 27 K BN NCC Palakkad Coy 4 organized a motivational talk by Lt. Muhammed Aneesh and an experience sharing session by GCI Dhanya M. Lt. Muhammed Aneesh is commissioned from IMA in 2024 and joined to the esteemed Regiment of Artillery in Binagudi, West Bengal. Who is a former NCC cadet of Sree Narayana College Alathur. Dhanya M is a newly appointed Girl Cadet Instructor at 5 J&K Bn Jammu, Poonch, NWR and also a former NCC Cadet of Govt. Victoria College Palakkad. The event aimed to provide guidance to NCC cadets on how to successfully clear the SSB (Services Selection Board), CDS (Combined Defence Services), and other defence exams and also a speech on how to cope with challenges as a cadet.
The event commenced with an introductory speech by Cadet Shreya MB, who welcomed Lt. Muhammed Aneesh and highlighted his journey from a cadet to an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Principal Dr. NS Rajendran presided the programme.
Lt. Muhammed Aneesh began his address by expressing his honour at speaking to the future leaders and protectors of the nation. He stressed the significance of the SSB interview and CDS exam, explaining that these assessments evaluate not only knowledge but also personality, leadership qualities, mental agility, and physical fitness. He pointed out the need to improve communication skills in English to clear these exams and emphasizing the importance of effective communication, Lt. Aneesh recommended regular practice in speaking and writing to build clarity and confidence. He emphasized the importance of physical fitness, suggesting that maintaining a regular exercise regimen to build stamina, strength, and agility, along with a balanced diet, is crucial.
This program was also enriched by the talk of newly appointed Girl Cadet Instructor Dhanya M, who was a cadet at Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad. She shared her journey in the NCC and explained the rules of the NCC, emphasizing the commitment required to become a cadet and the promise it holds for the future.
The session ended with a doubt-clearing segment, where Lt. Muhammed Aneesh as well as GCI Dhanya M addressed the cadets’ questions and provided further guidance. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Lt. Dr. Shereena J and felicitation by Cadet Sanjay S. Senior division cadets from 27 K BN NCC Palakkad, including those from Mercy College Palakkad, Govt. College Chittur, NSS College Nemmara, and Nethaji College Nemmara, were present at the program.

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